Why did I create Unheard Voices|Unheard Wisdom, an art show focusing on domestic violence and sexual assault? This a question asked often of me.

For the past several years, my paintings and sculptures have focused on the subject of the inner strength and wisdom of women, using visual symbols and metaphors to connect with the viewer. I seek to help viewers discover and embrace their talents, insights, and goodness to help create a kinder and more peaceful world. What has become evident to me is that for women to live their most purposeful stories, they need to be intentional about healing their own wounds. We as a society need to listen to those who have directly faced their challenges and survived, gaining knowledge and helping to encourage change and healing. 

Unheard Voices|Unheard Wisdom features eloquently created life-sized mixed medium sculptures that present a challenging social problem with understated, yet thought provoking beauty. The transformative power of art is central to my artwork. Viewers bring their own life experiences and perceptions to Unheard Voices|Unheard Wisdom, allowing their own interaction with the art. Art has the unique ability to reach out to viewers in unexpected ways, helping them to understand and empathize with people, issues, and emotions that they may not have otherwise comprehended. Through art, I work to depict the experiences of others to the observer, making those circumstances tangible.

While art is my passion, the potential of using art for social change brings an enhanced fulfillment to my work. This body of art is an accumulation of my life experiences and utilizes skills developed as an award-winning fashion designer, studies in the textile department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and my work as a painter and sculptor. 

My two daughters are my muses. Guiding and dreaming of their futures has also deepened my views of the potential and power of women.
I have evolved as an artist through this work, learning about domestic violence and sexual assault, human goodness, and myself. I am grateful for this art.

Through these pieces, I share my sense of purpose: to inspire others to face, discuss, heal, and change the reality of domestic violence, and be a catalyst for social change.

Carmel Anderson
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Comments from Exhibition: March 7, 2013, Ketchikan, Alaska

"Shelters by their very nature are cloistered, confidential environments as the safety of women transcends everything. By creating her art pieces reflecting the pain and horror of abuse, Carmel conveys the emotions and stories of victims in a way that goes beyond numbers and statistics and penetrates the hearts and minds of the viewers, hopefully inspiring them to help create change." ~Diane G.

Moving, haunting, hopeful. Thank you for sharing your art and wisdom with our community. It was an epiphany in some ways for me - seeing other women's lives through art and words." ~Judy. C

"What a powerful yet sensitive way to bring to light the horrors of abuse. It is utter simple, unencumbered exhibit brought me to tears." ~L. Gillet

"The beauty and simplicity of this exhibit showcases the quiet dignity and courage of all who have grown and are dealing with the tragedy". ~Sally

"I probably have some sleepless nights but its important not to forget." ~C.W.